About me

I am Markus

In my life I rode from Yamaha to Harley. I had several bikes that spent nearly 30 years with me and until today I know each vibration, screw and smell of them by heart. Currently I ride new bikes though, mainly because I want to spend more time riding than maintaining.

About My Past

I run a consultancy company with the name of 37° that specializes in what I did for 20 years in business: helping international organisations on large scale behavioral change, transformation, training and development. In my earlier live I earned the money to have enough gas in the tank on the shop floor welding, drilling and constructing machines. I actually got this job as bought and rebuilt the previous bike of the owner of the company, he saw the result, he hired me. But I was looking for more complexity in life and swapped machines against humans. Working in international business for over 20 years I realized that you can only get far with passion and conviction. This is what I want to translate into Spark Free.

I live in one of the most beautiful areas of France, am married to the most amazing woman on the planet and am gifted with the most beautiful daughter one could imagine. We also invited our crazy dog Sami and also our cats Billy and Fifi into our life. Interestingly my wife really does not like riding motorbikes (but she remains amazing – hey… nobody’s perfect). I am actually Germany but left this country long time ago.