Is this a good time to launch?

In one of my jobs, I was building up and leading Leadership Development for a large multinational. One day we launched one of my projects which was a set of values for all 100’000+ employees. The intend was that employees have guidance to take the right decisions and know how to work together in a way to create the culture everybody want. At the same time, the enterprise announced a restructuring in some parts. I was asked if this is the right time to launch something ‘positive’ in times that are perceived as ‘negative’. My answer was that there was never a better time: We have a tool that, like a compass finds north, helps people to orientate in time when they might be a bit lost. It gives guidance how to do this in a way that everybody feels respected. 

So, we launched, and it was well perceived.

We are in the middle of a global pandemic where clearly people have other priorities than motorbiking. So, should I launch? Well, yes. There was never a better moment. 

I feel that many are craving for something that gives us the energy back that at we lost during these demanding times. Finding fun and the normality of what we had before. 

Activities that bring joy to this precious and fragile life, that get us out, if curfews and lockdowns allow us. 

Spark” in Spark Free stands for the energy to get things started, inspiration and fun. 

Free” stands for: being and becoming yourself, the liberty and the adventure.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

It is the time to find ways to keep the energy up, to stimulate our passion and to enjoy live, appreciating the valuable time we spent on the bike, so we find the energy to face this all. 

As I wrote the initial version of these lines, I struggled my way through the British Covid variant. I was really careful, I thought I’ll never catch it. Thanks God I tested early and did not infect anybody else. Two months later and a massive delay to launch Spark Free (I planned initially for an April 1 launch…) I still feel the impact of Covid. 

I am lucky that nobody around my family or friends had to go because of this virus, but my thoughts are with everybody that was not so lucky. 

Ride and live safely

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