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About Spark Free


An exciting blog that tells the story of a passion

Find interesting and varied subjects around the motorcycle every month. Through my blog, I want to share stories and I want to make people think and dream.


An online store of quality equipment

On our store, you will find only great and innovative products at a fair price that I have carefully selected and that I like myself.

How Spark Free was born

Spark Free is the merger of several of my passions and comes at a time where I felt the need to do something for pure pleasure. First and foremost, it is about motorbiking. My life is very interwoven with biking. It gives me a lot of energy and creates emotions and finally brought me where I am today.
For me even just driving to the nearest bakery with my bike is an adventure, gives me freedom, makes me feel like a hero.
It also represents a way of live and I like to cultivate a certain style with the bike.
I also love sharing stories and use this also professionally to engage with people and convey messages. Over the years I have transformed from photography to video as a means to tell stories and make people think and dream.



Spark Free, a source of inspiration and freedom around the bike

I take you on inspiring journeys through fascinating stories, virtual tours, different lifestyles, about people and their bikes, places and traveling.


Stories and virtual tours are portrayed from an unusual angle. Letting you shape the content by proposing people to interview, places to explore and providing your feedback


Discovering new routes and place and more : Understand how biking challenges and changes you, how human and machine become one, how you perceive the world while riding…


On our store, you will find many quality motorcycle equipment from renown brands at fair prices.

About me

I am Markus. In my life I rode from Yamaha to Harley. I had several bikes that spent nearly 30 years with me and until today I know each vibration, screw and smell of them by heart. Currently I ride new bikes though, mainly because I want to spend more time riding than maintaining.

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