What is happening in the coming weeks and months

In case you wonder what comes next, here is the plan for the near future on what is actually going to happen here soon, without spoiling anything. Well plans are only here to be changed anyways.

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Translations hopefully in June

First, being German living in France, I challenged myself to translate all content into German and French. A bit of manual translation work awaits me.

More brands and products during summer

I will continue to add products to the boutique and some brands are still on the waitlist to be added to the boutique as well. I want to present some selected products with words, pictures and maybe even film. Like that you know what you buy in case you are interested.

Note: Bit strange for me as to do this as I do not like to oversell products, but on the other side when I buy something for myself, I also want to be sure to know what I buy.

On the content side

A few videos are in the pipeline:

One is about why we bike and what role the biker plays in there. Suspense …. below a screen shot.

Another one features a scene where I locked myself with a Harley owner into a garage, I dimmed the lights, asked him to (partially) undress so I can film this and then put the movie online for the world to see. As you can see, I survived this live-changing experience. The movie is actually children friendly: my 8 years old did not make any comments, my mother-in-law I have not tested yet.

I am looking at 2-3 movies that put motorbiking at its best. Always with a short story along, some make you think, some make you smile.

One of the best things that happened to me is that a friend, who is close to the project from the start has contacted me with the idea for a movie. This is what I am aiming for: activating positive energy in others. You will see the result of this in summer.

What I would like to ask from you – think about this:

I am not lacking topics, but I would really like to build also content with you, not just for you.

Please reflect on the following:

  • What goes on in your head when you bike or think of biking – what stories or questions come up?
  • Do you know somebody that has an exceptional story to tell around biking, life lessons, etc. I might not be able to travel personally to them, but there can always be a TC, VC, a blog or similar.
  • Is there a story that you would like to see on screen about biking?

Send your ideas to me at contact@spark-free.com
Thank you!

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